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    Being born into a family of developers and architects my passion has always been property in various capacities. First as a junior surveyor when leaving university to owning my own estate agency for decades followed by property trading.

    But it didn’t start out this way. We all know success is hard to come by and I should know better than anyone else. Having arrived in the UK at the age of 12, all alone, I was faced with the decision of returning home to partake in the Iran/Iraq war or stay and fend for myself. I spent my teenage years travelling the country making money where I could to keep fed and sheltered.

    However, due to determination and self-motivation, I started my first business at the age of 18 as a maintenance/handyman and have never looked back.

    I am currently on the board of directors and shareholder of various companies within Connect UK Group.

    Over the past 30 years, I have set up, successfully run and sold numerous businesses which has enabled me to become an authority in the start-up companies.

    It was in 2015 when I booked in my first appointment to motivate the staff of a local sales company, with the goal of boosting their sales. It was from this moment that my passion for motivating others began and I went on to help numerous companies of all shapes and sizes achieve their goals through sales motivation.

    Having fulfilled my passion in becoming a motivational speaker, I was inspired to write my first book “The Secret of Timeless Wealth” which explains, not only how to achieve the success we all desire but to also sustain it by discovering the missing link.

    Are you ready to discover the secret?

    CEO & Author